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About birdRS

A compilation of 'birdReSearch' from scientific, Governmental, birding enthusiasts, and public resources, to bring together the latest findings in research into bird behaviour, biology, and genetics.

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 As a Scientist I like to learn, examine, catalogue, and discover. My work involves using genetics to uncover susceptibility to disease and has been focused on both domesticated animals and humans. I have had a keen interest in birds and bird-watching from an early age and am now combining this with my scientific interests. I wish for this site to fill a niche that I thought may be of relevance to those who are interested in the the broad scope of current scientific research in ornithology; bringing together feeds from journals and databases and summarizing the latest findings. I hope you find the posts interesting and a path to a different view on birding. The associated Twitter feed (@__birdrs__) posts data from avian research via a variety of sources, but most significantly from peer reviewed journals referenced by PubMed and direct from the journals.

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