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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Journal of Ornithology: Volume 155, Issue 4, October 2014. Table of Contents

Journal of Ornithology

Volume 155, Issue 4, October 2014

Original Articles
Jurassic archosaur is a non-dinosaurian bird
Stephen A. Czerkas, Alan Feduccia 
Pages 841-851

A taxonomic review of Picumnus exilis (Aves: Picidae) reveals an underestimation of Piculet species diversity in South America
Marco Antonio Rêgo, Glaucia Del-Rio, Luís Fábio Silveira 
Pages 853-867

Do Cory’s Shearwaters Calonectris borealis choose mates based on size?
Cristina Perry Nava, Sin-Yeon Kim, Maria Carvalho Magalhães… 
Pages 869-875

Dawn chorus start time variation in a temperate bird community: relationships with seasonality, weather, and ambient light
Adrianna Bruni, Daniel J. Mennill, Jennifer R. Foote 
Pages 877-890

Large-scale climate variability and rodent abundance modulates recruitment rates in Willow Ptarmigan (Lagopus lagopus)
Mikkel A. J. Kvasnes, Hans Chr. Pedersen, Torstein Storaas… 
Pages 891-903

Rainfall on wintering grounds affects population change in many species of Afro-Palaearctic migrants
Nancy Ockendon, Alison Johnston, Stephen R. Baillie 
Pages 905-917

Stress in wild Greater Rhea populations Rhea americana: effects of agricultural activities on seasonal excreted glucocorticoid metabolite levels
A. Lèche, G. Bazzano, C. Hansen, J. L. Navarro, R. H. Marin… 
Pages 919-926

Sex and individual differences in cooperative nest construction of sociable weavers Philetairus socius
Gavin M. Leighton 
Pages 927-935

Sex-specific traits in Common Tern Sterna hirundo chicks: associations with rearing environment, parental factors and survival
María M. Benito, Jacob González-Solís, Peter H. Becker 
Pages 937-949

Effects of neckbands on body condition of migratory geese
Kevin Kuhlmann Clausen, Jesper Madsen 
Pages 951-958

Male territories and the lek-like mating system of MacQueen’s Bustard Chlamydotis macqueenii
Samuel Riou, Olivier Combreau 
Pages 959-967

Gastro-intestinal microbiota of two migratory shorebird species during spring migration staging in Delaware Bay, USA
Kirsten Grond, Hodon Ryu, Allan J. Baker, Jorge W. Santo Domingo… 
Pages 969-977

Fuel for the road: the pre-migratory fuel loading of adult Eurasian Reed Warblers (Acrocephalus scirpaceus)
Dmitry Kobylkov, Vlad Kosarev, Andrey Mukhin 
Pages 979-986

The alarm call system of breeding Brown Thornbills (Acanthiza pusilla): self-defence or nest defence?
Nicole A. Schneider, Michael Griesser 
Pages 987-996

Vegetation type variation in marsh habitats: does it affect nest site selection, reproductive success, and maternal investment in Reed Warblers?
Alžbeta Darolová, Ján Krištofík, Herbert Hoi 
Pages 997-1008

Patterns of within-clutch variation in yolk lutein in the Yellow-legged Gull Larus michahellis: the effects of egg laying order and laying date
Abdessalem Hammouda, Slaheddine Selmi, Jessica Pearce-Duvet 
Pages 1009-1015

Aggression, body condition, and seasonal changes in sex-steroids in four hummingbird species
Paulina L. González-Gómez, William S. Blakeslee… 
Pages 1017-1025

Disentangling the origin of crossbills using morphology and isotopic (δ2H) characters. Are southern European crossbills restricted to population-specific key resources?
Juan Arizaga, Daniel Alonso, Keith A. Hobson 
Pages 1027-1035

What flight heights tell us about foraging and potential conflicts with wind farms: a case study in Lesser Black-backed Gulls (Larus fuscus)
Anna-Marie Corman, Stefan Garthe 
Pages 1037-1043

Variation and long-term trends in the timing of breeding of different Eurasian populations of Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus
Jiří Porkert, Sergey Gashkov, Juha Haikola, Esa Huhta… 
Pages 1045-1057

Short Notes
Nocturnal singing in a temperate bird community
Kerry Perrault, Lynnea M. Lobert, Mandy Ehnes, Jennifer R. Foote 
Pages 1059-1062

Nutritional status does not explain the increase of carotenoid-based coloration associated with age in Great Tits Parus major
Mathieu Giraudeau, Margarida Barcelo, Juan Carlos Senar 
Pages 1063-1066

High glucose concentrations are associated with symptoms of mild anaemia in Whiskered Terns: consequences for assessing physiological quality in birds
Piotr Minias 
Pages 1067-1070

Unravelling migration routes and wintering grounds of European rollers using light-level geolocators
Inês Catry, Teresa Catry, José Pedro Granadeiro… 
Pages 1071-1075

Technical Note
Measuring the eye size of mist-netted birds: a comparison of two non-invasive methods
Claudia Schütz, Christian H. Schulze 
Pages 1077-1079

Response to Lingham-Soliar: feather structure, biomechanics and biomimetics: the incredible lightness of being
Colin Palmer 
Pages 1081-1082

Response to comments by C. Palmer on my paper, Feather structure, biomechanics and biomimetics: the incredible lightness of being
Theagarten Lingham-Soliar 
Pages 1083-1085

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