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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

British Birds Journal February 2014 Issue: Best Bird Book List for 2013

The February 2014 issue of British Birds lists the BB / British Trust for Ornithology best bird books of the previous year. All books reviewed in British Birds, in BTO News and on the BTO website are eligible for the award.
The BB/BTO Best Bird Book of the Year 2013
Winner: Birds and People
By Mark Cocker, illustrated by David Tipling; Jonathan Cape, 2013.
Reviewed in BB by D. I. M. Wallace (Brit. Birds 106: 557–558).

2nd: The Warbler Guide
By Tom Stephenson and Scott Whittle; Princeton University Press, 2013.
Reviewed in BB by Peter Kennerley (Brit. Birds 106: 693–694).

3rd: The Unfeathered Bird
By Katrina van Grouw; Princeton University Press, 2013.
Reviewed in BB by David Parkin (Brit. Birds 106: 294–295).

4th: The World’s Rarest Birds
By Erik Hirschfeld, Andy Swash and Robert Still; Princeton University Press/WILDGuides, 2013.
Reviewed in BB by Paul Harvey (Brit. Birds 106: 355–356).

5th: Birds and habitat: relationships in changing landscapes
Edited by R. J. Fuller; Cambridge 2012.(BB review in press)

6th: Partridges
By G. R. Potts; Collins 2012.
Reviewed in BB by Ian Newton (Brit. Birds 106: 118–119).

High Recommended Titles
Return to One Man’s Island (by Keith Brockie, Birlinn, 2012 – see Brit. Birds 106: 48–49)  
The Long, Wild Shore – Bird and Seal Seasons on Blakeney Point (by James McCallum, Silver Brant, 2012 – see Brit. Birds 106: 174). 
The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors (by Richard Crossley, Jerry Liguori and Brian Sullivan, Princeton University Press, 2013 – see Brit. Birds 106: 753). 
The Mandarin Duck (by Christopher Lever, Poyser, 2012 – see Brit. Birds 106: 354–355) 
The Rutland Water Ospreys (by Tim Mackrill, Bloomsbury, 2013 – see Brit. Birds 106: 293–294). 
Birds in a Cage (by Derek Niemann, Short Books, 2012 – see Brit. Birds 106: 234). 
Handbook of the Birds of the World. Special Volume: New Species and Global Index (edited by Josep del Hoyo, Andrew Elliott, Jordi Sargatal and David A. Christie; Lynx Edicions, 2013 – seeBrit. Birds 106: 695). 
The Birds of Africa. Volume VIII: The Malagasy Region (by Frank Hawkins and Roger Safford; illustrated by John Gale and Brian Small; Christopher Helm, 2013 – BB review in prep.). 

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