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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Yellowhammer: Identification help from the birding 'twitterati' family.

During a usual dog walk round my local area I came across a bird up in a tree that I couldn't identify but had thought may be a Twite. Seeing that many others had tweeted their photos to the Twitter group 'Wildlife Sightings' through @wildlife_uk, with their many followers providing a wealth of really useful advice, I decided to try this. A fantastic response came flooding in from some of the top twitchers and birders. There were suggestions of Reed Bunting, Twite, and Yellowhammer, until finally the consensus seemed to zero in on the latter - a female Yellowhammer. I looked up this suggestion in my Collins book and the multitude of Google images that are available, and it certainly looked like a great candidate. I hadn't even had this species on my possible list. 
What a fantastic group of dedicated, professional, and above all helpful, birders willing to share their knowledge with us all. Thanks to all of you who tweeted your advice.

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