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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

UK BTO Bird Atlas 2007-2011 Data Sources and Numbers

Bird Atlas 16.2M Record Sources
Atlas Webpage

01. Atlas 9.8M
01.1 Roving Records 3.8M
01.1.1 Breeding Season 2.1M
01.1.2 Winter Season 1.6M
01.2 Timed Tetrad Visits 6.1M
01.2.1 Breeding Season 3.3M
01.2.2 Winter Season 2.8M

02. BirdTrack 4.5M
02.1 Lists 4.0M
02.1.1 Breeding Season 2.2M
02.1.2 Winter Season 1.8M
02.2 Casual 0.4M

03. Bird Clubs 1.2M
04. Breeding Bird Monitoring Schemes 280K
05. Online Rarity Services 139K
06. Ringing 123K
07. Wetland Bird Surveys 40K
08. BirdWatch Ireland Surveys 32K
09. Nest record Scheme 23K
10. UK and Irish Rare Breeding Birds Panels 10K
11. Raptor / Owl Study Groups 7K
12. RSPB Reserves and Surveys 4K
13. JNCC Seabirds 3K
14. Heronries Census 3K
15. Garden Surveys 2K

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